Plenary Council 2020 - last call for the Listening and Dialogue phase

With just a little over two weeks to go until the close of the Listening and Dialogue phase, the Plenary Council 2020 Facilitation Team is expecting a flood of responses from people across the country. Parishes, individuals, school and community groups across the Diocese of Bathurst are encouraged to hold any planned dialogue session and make final submissions before Ash Wednesday, 6 March.

In the eight months since the listening and dialogue period commenced, the council had been pleased to receive more than 68,000 submissions, with hundreds of people from across our diocese either making a submission or participating in group discussions that culminated in a submission.

While the Listening and Dialogue phase will conclude on Ash Wednesday, Plenary Council facilitator Lana Turvey-Collins said collaboration, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, would be a constant throughout the three-year Plenary journey.

She explained that the next step will see the National Centre for Pastoral Research, using best-practice analysis methods, identify key themes and topic areas that have emerged during the Listening and Dialogue period. These would be the focal points for the next step in the process.

“After Easter, when we will receive the objective analysis of the tens of thousands of voices that have contributed to this process, we will move into the next stage of the preparation phase: ‘Listening and Discernment’,” Ms Turvey-Collins said.

“People will continually be invited to participate in the Plenary Council, which is both a finite period of time, but also a transformative moment for the Church in Australia, which we expect will be more focused on dialogue and partnership in the years following the Council”.

For more information about how to make a submission visit the Plenary Council website at

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