Rahamim Ecology Centre 2019

The human being’s capacity to think - reflectively, logically, and imaginatively - sets us apart from all other species on the planet. Rahamim Ecology Centre in South Bathurst is a safe and welcoming space where people can think about the environment. Here we share ideas, ask questions, gain new knowledge and work together to care for our common home - Planet Earth.

Rahamim was established in 2007 by the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters came to Bathurst from Ireland in 1866 to respond to needs that were urgent then: education of children, care of orphans, support of people who were poor in one way or another. The urgent need in our time is a planet in crisis: our planet, the one that supports life, the only planet that does that in the known universe.

Rahamim is a Hebrew word that means Mercy and Mercy means compassion in action. To do mercy, one also has to do justice. In Australia, justice has traditionally been associated with a “fair go”. We thought we knew what a “fair go” for people looked like. But of late we are coming to understand that nobody gets a “fair go” unless the planet, all its life forms and life support systems get a “fair go”. We are all interconnected. We are one ecosystem. We cannot be healthy people on a sick planet.

This year, Rahamim is offering some exciting new programs, as well as the old favourites like Green Drinks, the Community Gardens, River Yarners, faith and spirituality conversations and tours of one of Bathurst’s stately mansions: Logan Brae. During March (Wednesdays 6, 13 and 20 from 10am-12pm in the Conference Centre) there will be an opportunity to explore the science of climate change, the impacts we are seeing now, and the urgent call of Pope Francis to reflective action. A more comprehensive calendar of events for 2019 is available online at www.rahamim.org.au

This year too, Rahamim Ecology Centre will undergo a change of governance. In order to consolidate the environmental work of Rahamim in the Bathurst region over the past twelve years, and share its educational, advocacy and spiritual resources nationally and internationally, members of the Board of Rahamim Ltd have taken the decision to transfer the governance of Rahamim to McAuley Ministries Ltd, an umbrella organisation set up by the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG to strengthen and support vital new ministries like the environmental work at Rahamim. Rahamim Ecology Centre will continue on its present site at St Joseph’s Mount 34 Busby Street Bathurst.

There will be a Ritual Transition Celebration in the grounds on Friday 29 March at 11am and we invite our friends and supporters from the local community to join us on this occasion.

RSVP: (remove XX) contact XX @rahamim XX .org.au or phone: 02 6332 9950

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