Media Office

The Media Office for the Diocese is situated in the Bishop's Office, 118 Keppel Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

The Media Contact is:

Mrs Kimbalee Clews
phone: (02) 6334 6400
email:   (remove XX) comms XX @bathurst XX


Diocesan Information Network Email Group
The Diocesan Information Network is an email group used by the Diocese to communicate key issues, events and messages from Bishop Michael McKenna. To be included in the Diocesan Information Network and receive these emails, please send an email to  (remove XX) comms XX @bathurst XX or call 6334 6400 requesting that you be added to the Diocesan Information Network.


Media Releases:


A reduction in school fees for those most in need

Help available to those suffering financial hardship

A new secondary campus announced for St Matthew's Catholic School Mudgee

Bishop McKenna visits Glenray Industries at the former St Catherine's site

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Orange to undergo $6.1million expansion



Catholic Diocese of Bathurst and Housing Plus to provide state-of-the-art accommodation for people with disabilities

St John's College teacher achieves elite status

Statement by Bishop of Bathurst regarding Same Sex Marriage



Deacon Ordination_05022016

Cathedral Restoration Appeal Bathurst 12 Hour Champions dinner_03022016



Cathedral Restortation Appeal App Launch_15122015

Cathedral bells to ring again_01122015

Stage 1 of Cathedral Restoration Appeal completed_16112015

Bishops Reinternment_29072015

Vale Father John Beavan_30062015

Cathedral Restoration Art Union Winner 21062015

150th Celebrations of the Diocese_18062015

Shalom 40th Anniversary Celebrations_08042015

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