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Bishop Michael McKenna Bishop of Bathurst Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, Chairman of the Bishop’s Commission for Christian Unity and Interreligious Dialogue and a member of the Pontifical Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue gave the keynote address today at the AISNSW Studies of Religion Conference entitled “Keeping the Faith – Interfaith Dialogue in an Australian Religious Landscape”. He addressed the room of educators and answered poignant questions on dialogue in a modern world.

AISNSW Studies of Religion Conference
Keeping the Faith: Interfaith Dialogue in an Australian Religious Landscape
Religious Education has never been more relevant, engaging or challenging as religion and religious issues are in the news every day. Recent global events remind us of the dangers of religious intolerance and extremism. How has the Covid-19 pandemic asked us to look into the way religion is practised and what role dialogue has played in shaping the adherence of people to their faith?
This Studies of Religion conference will highlight the vital role of the Stage 6 Studies of Religion course in developing the cultural and religious literacy of students by providing teachers with an opportunity to update their knowledge and understanding of contemporary religious issues as well as exploring innovative approaches to assessment and deepening their appreciation for Australia’s multilayered spiritual and religious landscape.
Photos: Lisa Kemmis