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St Ignatius Church, Oberon SCAW attendees with Fr Reynold, Parish Priest

On Sunday the 7 August, St Ignatius parish Oberon hosted their annual Safe Church Awareness Workshop. This workshop is offered to all parishes each year and is a chance to come together and learn about the elements of a safe church as well as to look at how we can renew our communities and help grow our sense of mission. The Workshop also includes information on identifying signs of abuse, processes for reporting concerns and the responsibilities of individuals when it comes to protecting the vulnerable.
SCAW stands for Safe Church Awareness Workshop, but it is often remarked that the C should stand not for Church but the community as it is a workshop for everyone; it helps individuals to be better members of the community; it is for all of us! So, when you see your parish inviting you to attend a SCAW, come forward, it’s a good thing to be part of and something that helps us look out for the other… and we all know we need more of that!