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Our Lady of the Central West

The Icon shows Mary, the Mother of God, praying with us and for us. Three stars represent her perpetual virginity. It is crafted with earth pigments. The colours come from across the world, representing the origins of the people of the Diocese of Bathurst, in Central West NSW. The gold reminds us of our region’s past and present. The border incorporates the totems of the local Wiradjuri and Gamilaraay nations. The four concentric circles at the top represent the Cathedral of St Michael and St John; 16 triple concentric circles, the parish churches; and 37 others symbolise small Eucharistic communities. These are joined by a wandering line of dots – the pathways which connect all these groups.

Iconography by Mary Clancy

Wiradjuri totems designed by Aleisha Lonsdale

Commissioned by Bishop Michael McKenna to commemorate the Sesquicentenary of the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst 1865-2015

Our Lady of the Central West