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9.00am – The Assumption Church

6.00pm – Cathedral of St Michael and St John

6.00pm – St Joseph’s Chapel, Perthville 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays


8.00am –  The Assumption Church

10.00am – Cathedral of St Michael and St John

6.00pm – The Assumption Church

Station Churches

Wattle Flat – 9.30am – 1st Saturday of the month

Rockley – 9.30am – 2nd Saturday of the month

Burraga – 9.30am – 4th Saturday of the month


Monday, Wednesday and Friday

5.45pm – Cathedral of St Michael and St John

Tuesday and Thursday

12.30pm – The Assumption Church

Public holidays

9.00am – Cathedral  of St Michael and St John


Saturday – 10.30am and 11.30am – Assumption Church

Sunday – 11.30am – Cathedral


Friday – 5.00pm – Cathedral

Saturday – 9.30am – Assumption

Saturday – 11.00am – Cathedral

Nursing Home Masses

St Catherine’s Aged Care – time arranged by resident clergy

Macquarie Aged Care – 10.30am – 1st Friday of the month

Bathurst Riverview Care Community – 9.30am – 3rd Friday of the month

Ilumba, Whiddon Kelso – 9.30am – 4th Wednesday of the month