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Parents of children hoping to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation (Year 6), First Eucharist (Year 3/4) and First Reconciliation (Year 2/3) are reminded that the best preparation is to attend Sunday Mass in the Parish, to immerse your children in church and Parish life.  Mass is held every weekend:

  • St Patrick’s Church on Saturdays during daylight saving time at 6pm (5pm in winter) and 10am on Sunday; 
  • Sacred Heart, Wallerawang at 10am Saturdays; and 
  • St Vincent’s, Portland at 8am Sundays.

While the students at St Patricks and St Josephs may be working on the theory side, it is the family’s involvement and encouragement that will make all the difference.

If you have a baptised child in Year 6 or Year 4 at Government or independent schools, and have received the necessary sacraments (i.e., Year 6 need to have received First Eucharist – Year 4 need to have celebrated First Reconciliation), then please SEE Fr Garry to receive some at-home material to help prepare your child for their upcoming sacrament.

Baptisms are held at all three churches in the Parishes. If you wish to have your child baptised at St Patrick’s, Sacred Heart or St Vincent’s, please contact the Presbytery to receive an information pack.  If this is your first child to be baptised, parents will need to attend a Baptism Preparation session at the Presbytery before the Baptism (held on the first Sunday of each month except January).

Fr Garry conducts Weddings in the Parishes, at our churches (preferably) and at other venues in the district.  Please contact Fr Garry at the presbytery for further information.

If you would like information about our Sacramental program, please contact the Parish Office on 02 6351 3092 or email