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Dr Lou Puslednik from ACU and previous Education Officer with the CEDB, Jose Sunny from St John’s College, Nicole Jelbart from St Matthews Mudgee, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell Minister of Education, Lucy Thomas current student at WSU studying Architecture and previous participant in the initiative, Felix Caspar current student at USYD studying Vet Science and previous participant in the initiative and Jan Mendham CEDB Education Officer Science, STEM and Partnerships

Science in the House is an initiative of the Science Teachers Association of NSW, aiming to celebrate and showcase science education initiatives across the state. Schools across NSW were given the opportunity to exhibit their science projects at Parliament House. The event included an address by the Minister for Education, the Hon. Sarah Mitchell, Shadow Minister for Education, Ms Prue Car, and Dr Jaclyn Aldenhoven, Office of the NSW Chief Scientist.

On the cusp of National Science Week, this is a unique opportunity to explore the scientific and education advancements our state has to offer. We were lucky enough to have our Diocesan Research Hub selected to participate, with teachers and ex-students from St Matthews Mudgee on hand to outline the initiative.

Jan Mendham CEDB Education Officer Science STEM and Partnerships, Dr Lou Puslednik from ACU, Jose Sunny St Johns College, Phil Donato the Member of Parliament from Orange and Guy Zangari Member of Parliament for Fairfield