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Celebration of Special Religious Education – NSW Parliament House, 28 November 2022
This year’s SRE awards celebration at Parliament House included acknowledgments for Dorothea Lenehan, along with Coral Burge from Hope Church, who were both presented with an Outstanding Service to Special Religious Education and Supporting Student Wellbeing award by the Minister of Education The Hon Sarah Mitchell MLC.
Dorothea has taught SRE at Perthville Public School on and off for over 40 years. During that time she has been an SRE teacher, helper, fill-in person and has driven other SRE teachers, who have been unable to drive themselves for various reasons, to their classes. By her example, Dorothea has shown her students what it means to be kind to others and a Christian to all. She has instilled in her teaching the message that her students are unique, precious and loved by God. In the past, she has also instructed students on the Sacraments. Dorothea has helped to cater for many SRE gatherings, never needing to be asked and has made endless cups of tea and washed many dishes. Dorothea is always generously available to assist when the need arises. A wonderful example to others and an angel in disguise to us all.
Vicki Mair
Southern Region SRE Coordinator
Catholic Diocese of Bathurst