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During Mass at St Columbanus’ Church Cudal on Saturday 26 March 26, Lyn Frecklington was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for having taught SRE for more than forty years at Cudal Public School. Vicki Mair Southern Region SRE Coordinator for the diocese described Lyn as – “ a living treasure”.

Lyn Frecklington has taught SRE (Special Religious Education) at Cudal Public School for a little over 40 years and is one of our longest-serving SRE teachers in the Diocese of Bathurst. She has taught generations of children who have passed through the school, children of children, including her own children and grandchildren. In 2005 Lyn received an Award and a Papal Medal from Pope Benedict LVI for her contribution to the life of her local parish community and in recognition of her important work as an SRE Teacher for our Bathurst diocese. Lyn first became involved in SRE teaching when her own children were attending Cudal Public School and the previous SRE Teacher Helen Seale was withdrawing from the ministry. When the Parish Priest at the time called for volunteers to teach SRE, Lyn answered this call and has been teaching SRE at Cudal Public school since ever, beginning in 1982.

Helen Ryan one of our past SRE Coordinators and Director of CCD  SRE  recalls that Lyn was always consistent, generous with her time and well prepared for her lessons. Helen said that Lyn knew all the children at Cudal Public School and she admired the way the children would come and greet her in the playground when she arrived at the school.  Helen also said that while Lyn was teaching that her own personal spirituality would come through in her lessons.

So why is Lyn Frecklinton still teaching Scripture after 40 years ?

Well, that’s simple!

She says because she enjoys it.

Lyn loves God.

She loves the children whom she teaches and

She has a willingness to pass on her faith to others

On behalf of St Columbanus’ Parish and the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst we would like to thank Lyn for all that she has given so generously to God’s little ones for over 40 years.

Lyn is presented with her appreciation certificate by Fr Karl Sinclair.