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About Workplace Giving

Thank you for your interest in our Workplace Giving program.
It’s our collective contribution that makes a big impact.

Your support of your parish connects us to our mission and evangalisation in our community.

Workplace Giving is really easy and makes a big difference.

  • Your donation goes directly to a community cause helping people in need
  • It’s automatically deducted and it’s easy to set up
  • Your donation will be identified separately for easy claiming at tax time if eligible
  • Support people in need in our own community by giving to your parish, and other causes

Participation in the Workplace Giving program is voluntary, we know staff also support causes by giving their time, treasure and talents in other ways.

​​​​​​​Funds will go directly to the cause nominated and not contribute to other Church programs.

Your small change =  a big change in your community

Find out more about your endorsed Workplace Giving charities