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Christmas is Personal

The painting I chose this year in our annual Christmas Story exhibition was by Zeke Stephenson from Dunedoo. It is about the light we need for this journey which is life. It came with a very personal commentary from the artist and reminds us that faith is not abstract, but personal.

In Australia, Christmas is a very public celebration, with both sacred and secular elements. We always hope that at least some of the good news about Jesus manages to find its way through the clatter of trade. Even for Christians, the joys and complications of family life can sometimes be overwhelming at this time of year.

“Personal” does not mean isolated. In fact, it is through my relationships that I come to know and grow who I am. At times, though, I need to return to what Jesus called “the private room” of my heart and recall that I am in the presence of God, “in whose light I see light.” (Psalm 36:9)

May light and peace be your greatest gifts this Christmas, to receive and pass on.

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst

Artwork by Zeke Stephenson from Dunedoo