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Support for our parishes, mission and programs

Together, the parishes, various ministries and services within the Diocese of Bathurst aim to meet the spiritual, educational, welfare and pastoral needs of all who call the Diocese home.

Fulfilling this vision requires careful stewardship of resources and relies on the efforts of committed supporters, in partnership with our dedicated clergy, religious, staff and volunteers.

We give thanks to all who provide the practical support necessary to fulfill this vision.

How is parish planned giving used?

A parish is dependent on the generosity of its parishioners to sustain itself and its many charitable and pastoral works. Generally, this support is through collections at each Sunday Mass. In addition to traditional forms of planned giving, such as putting envelopes into the collection baskets during Mass, parishioners are encouraged to join their local parish planned giving program electronically, via one of the following two options:

Planned Giving (which comprises envelopes, direct transfers and direct debits), and any loose cash donated to this collection, are banked into a parish account, which is overseen by your Parish Finance Council. The many costs of running a parish are deducted from this account. Some of the expenses covered include:

  • Parish operating costs such as insurance, utilities, telecommunications, general maintenance and upkeep of the church, presbytery, buildings and parish property
  • Any loan debt servicing for parish buildings
  • Parish pastoral programs
  • Parish staff salaries, including superannuation
  • Car expenses for the priest(s) in the parish
  • A diocesan levy towards the costs of running the Diocese (10 per cent)
  • Clergy costs

Join your parish planned giving program

Option 1 – Set up a direct debit via the Catholic Development Fund by filling out this form.

Option 2 – Create your own recurring payment via Internet banking. The bank details for your parish can be found within the expanding section below:

Please include your name in the reference section of your payment details. If you would like to specify your planned giving/donation to the first and/or second collection amount, please note this also in the reference section. You can do this by including ‘1st’ for the first collection or ‘2nd’ for the second collection. So, if you would like to donate to the second collection and your name is John Smith, please enter ‘John Smith 2nd’ in the reference section of your payment form.

Or if you are an existing giver using envelopes, please record your envelope number in the reference field when setting up your internet banking payment.

If you would prefer, we can also email your parish details to you. Email with the name of the parish you would like banking details for and we will send the information to you.

Donate to a Diocesan Mission

Priests’ Retirement Fund

Each year, on Father’s Day, we have a special collection in support of our retired priests. They have given years of service to God’s people and many continue, as health and strength allow, as ministers of Word and Sacrament. They continue to help our local church with their prayers. Please support the members of our retired clergy – this can be done via BPOINT or arranged over the phone by calling the Chancery Office on 02 6334 6400

Mail: Send your donation to the Father’s Day Appeal, Priests’ Retirement Fund Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, PO Box 246, Bathurst NSW 2795

The Good Shepherd Appeal

Good Shepherd Sunday is a day to pray and give thanks for our priests who generously serve us, and a time for us to recommit to supporting them. This means a willingness to be generous in our own service, to share their workload and to ensure that their modest material needs are cared for. Each year, we make a collection on this day, to help meet the expenses of training future priests.

You can contribute to their support either through your own parish, or directly online via BPOINT.

Peter’s Pence Collection

The Peter’s Pence collection helps provide the Holy Father with funds for emergency assistance to those in need. The proceeds enable Pope Francis to assist the most disadvantaged in emergency situations including victims of war, oppression and disasters. Peter’s Pence represents a small offering, accompanied by grand desires and visions. It is an offering that each member of the faithful decides to give to the Pope so that he can provide for the needs of the whole Church, and wherever it finds itself most in need.

You can make a donation to the Peter’s Pence collection via BPOINT.

The Bishop’s Special Christmas Mission Appeal

Each year, the annual Bishop’s Special Missionary Appeal is held at Christmas Masses across the Diocese, with the proceeds going to overseas mission projects.

You can donate to the Bishop’s Special Christmas Missionary Appeal via BPOINT.

Wills and Bequests

You may wish to leave a gift to our Missions, please read more about our Wills and Bequests offerings here or complete the online Wills and Bequests enquiry form here.