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Catholic Mission is the official mission aid agency of the Catholic Church, providing practical, spiritual and emotional support to communities in 160 developing countries worldwide – encouraging all people to be active participants, rather than passive recipients, of assistance.

Catholic Mission has two complementary tasks:

  • To inform and educate the people of Australia about Mission in the world today; and
  • To encourage individuals, parishes, schools and community groups to share their time, talent, money and prayer with desperately poor communities overseas and remote country dioceses of Australia.

Catholic Mission in action


Offering spiritual, healing and practical assistance to communities with the greatest need by:

  • Building schools, chapels, churches and community centres
  • Providing education, pastoral care and emergency relief
  • Training and supporting lay catechists
  • Providing hygiene, health, nutrition and literacy programmes, medicines, clinics and hospitals


Assisting those threatened by chronic shortages of food, healthcare, religious and general education, which helps to:

  • Nurture the dignity and self-respect of children in their local communities
  • Provide long term protection against future crises
  • Support thousands of children in kindergartens, schools, orphanages, refuges, homes for the developmentally disabled, health and nutrition programmes in 160 countries

Seminaries and novitiates:

Support the education, formation and physical well-being of young men and women entering the priesthood or religious life and the training of catechist leaders in developing countries.

These everyday needs are addressed with sensitivity and care, which allows and encourages the people to maintain their dignity and self-esteem. Each local community invites our assistance for their particular needs. This commitment and dedication to the poor is a living witness, making Jesus present and known to the world.

Catholic Mission in the Diocese of Bathurst

Catholic Mission in the Diocese of Bathurst is represented by Diocesan Director. The role of the Diocesan Director is to share Catholic Mission’s vision and objectives with parish and school communities, and promote at a local level, the programs to support those most in need. In many different ways, initiatives are delivered across the Diocese to raise awareness and much needed financial support.

Find out more about Catholic Mission at or contact David McGovern via email