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LENT 2024

Recalled to renewal


Each year, the season of Lent recalls us to renewal: to recentre our lives in love of God and neighbour.

In the Gospel for Ash Wednesday, Jesus shows us three ways we can answer this call.

First, with prayer. Most of us could spend more time in prayer: Lent reminds us to have another go at turning good intentions into reality.

Second, by going without some things we enjoy but don’t really need. It might be food or drink, or something else. And the money we save could go to the third way to answer the Lenten invitation.

Third, by giving time and money to those in need. Most people on our planet have far less than we do in terms of food, water and shelter: many are actually homeless and even starving. Project Compassion is a very practical way to give.

May Lent truly be a time of renewal for each of us.


+Michael McKenna

Bishop of Bathurst


Ash Wednesday 2024