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The main gates of Bathurst Prison (Flickr/denisbin)

Becoming a prison chaplain offers unique opportunities for anyone who is passionate about taking Christ’s light into places that are often forgotten.

“Yes there are people in prison who have done bad things, but I sometimes think each of us could be one bad decision away from being in jail ourselves, whether it was texting while we’re driving or making another silly mistake,” says Deacon Josh, Bathurst Diocese’s mission and renewal director.

“And I hope that if I ended up in prison that there’ll be someone who will come in and bring God’s love to me. I hope I deserve it and I think they do too.”

Bathurst Diocese, just a couple of hours’ drive west of Sydney, is recruiting new prison chaplains to bring hope to some of the most vulnerable people in regional NSW.

“We’d also like to build up our capacity in our parishes of people who could go into jail as a chaplain’s assistant,” Deacon Josh said.

“We see it as a great opportunity to be able to remove some of the stigma people have about jails and those who live in them or are leaving them.

With a number of correctional facilities within the Diocese, Deacon Josh Clayton says prison chaplaincy presents great opportunities for mission and to “bring God’s love” to inmates.


Source: The Catholic Weekly.