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Sr Mary-Ann Casanova in front of her installation created from bubble wrap and soft plastics

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart and Sisters of St Joseph Lochinvar are excited to present the next stage of their Explore-Embrace-Embody Laudato Si’ Action Plan.

The 2023 campaign focuses on the impact of Soft Plastics – raising awareness and inspiring action to reduce the use of soft plastics and advocate for better recycling at an individual, local, state and national level.

“Our campaign and the Earth Day theme of Invest in our Planet point in the same direction; responding to the cries of those made poor and to the cries of Earth,” says Sister Mary-Ann Casanova who is leading the campaign and features in this video – Laudato Si’ Action Plan – Soft Plastics campaign – YouTube.

The Soft Plastics campaign is the first step in our Explore- Embrace-Embody Laudato Si’ Action Plan. It is a shared Josephite endeavour and will be promoted through a series of eight topics every month from May to December 2023:

P             Plastics Paralysis

L              Lightbulb Moments

A             Asking for Change

S              Shopping Tips

T              Taking Action

I               I Can, I Will

C             Changing Habits

S              Showing Off

“Each topic will include a threefold invitation to action – Contemplative ActionCommunity Action; and a Call to Advocacy; plus links to inspirational Eco-Hero stories from the Josephite community; sample advocacy letters, spiritual support, and online resources and ideas for change,” continues Sister Mary-Ann.

“We acknowledge that the problem of soft plastics is complex and universal. It engulfs Earth – every waterway, every habitat, every species and ultimately every food chain. It is a crisis of human-making, one which disproportionately affects the lives of those who are made poor.

“By the end of this campaign, the Josephite community hopes to have reached as many people as possible – to educate, inspire and support everyone on their journey to personal and communal conversion. Each of us has the capacity to be that one person to restore hope. While we can’t do everything, we can do something.”

For more information visit: Laudato Si’ Action Plan – Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart (