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What a glorious day greeted us on Saturday, 15 October 2022. It was the best weather day we have had in Lithgow for some considerable time with the sun shining through a clear blue sky. Our location outside St Patrick’s Church was in a very good position as the church is located on Mort Street, the main road through Lithgow, linking Bells line of Road to the Great Western Highway. A banner was secured on the lawn, facing traffic heading west from Sydney. It was also the main route for people walking from Main Street and Woolies to the Lithgow Coles complex.

One of our members was inviting people to come and join in, some waved in approval while others looked on with puzzlement!

The Rosary was projected by a microphone through speakers and the responses to the prayers from the group were loud and clear. All joined in a joyful singing of Hail Queen of Heaven and other much-loved Marian hymns. Our Blessed Mother was certainly with us for our Public Square Rosary and, to her Divine Son, a big “thank you”!

May the Public Square Rosary continue and with more frequency.

Bev and Terry Fitzpatrick

Lithgow Parish Rosary Group