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Communities in Africa, Asia or the Pacific are seeking Australians from a variety of professions and trades to share their skills with those who have less opportunity to develop their talents.

·         You will re-ignite your professional passion as you share skills with colleagues abroad;

·         You will strengthen individuals and organisational processes and procedures so that generations of people will have opportunities for growth long after you return home.

·         You will Learn.  It is a life-changing opportunity to work with and live amongst some of the most appreciative and resilient people you will ever meet.

·         You will be Supported.  Since 1961, Palms Australia has supported qualified and experienced Catholics motivated to undertake this Mission.

Explore 35 positions vacant on our website, you can also see news including stories from those currently supported in Timor-Leste, Samoa, American Samoa and Thailand.

Please enquire further about potential assignments for you or someone you know.

PHONE:  02 9560 5333 or 0422 472 567