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Thank you for your generous support of the Parish of St Mary & St Joseph and the Parish of the Sacred Heart and St Lawrence O’Toole. There are many ways you can give to our parishes.

Offering via Direct Debit

Set up or change your direct debit online:

Direct Transfer

Make a recurring or one-off deposit directly to our bank account.

Parish of St Mary and St Joseph, Orange

BSB: 066 781

Account: 100 004 889

Ref: “Name” OR “Name 1st” OR “Name 2nd” OR Envelope number

Parish of the Sacred Heart and St Lawrence O’Toole, Molong

BSB: 066 781

Account Number: 100 005 400

Ref: “Name” OR “Name 1st” OR “Name 2nd” OR Envelope number

Recurring Offering

Download the form and return to the collection basket at Mass or to the parish office to make a recurring offering via credit card.

One-off Offering

Use the tap’n’go at St Mary’s or St Joseph’s to give $10 or $20. To give more, simply tap multiple times.

Recurring Offering

Download the form and return to the collection basket at Mass or to the parish office to request envelopes to make a recurring cash offering.

One-off Offering

Collections are held during weekend Masses.

For 2,000 years, Catholics have made heroic sacrifices to bear Christian witness and to help our neighbours and society flourish. As seen in the New Testament, Christians gave all they had, at times including their life under persecution, to further proclaim the Gospel and advance Christ’s mission. Today, faithful Catholics from around the world continue to give because they know their donation will change lives for the better. A bequest to your home parish is one way to continue building on this ancient tradition of giving to share our faith and our works with the community.

Where could you leave a legacy?

Priests’ Retirement Fund

The Fund through the generosity of individuals like you, provides the financial support to care for the retired and sick priests of our Diocese. Most of our priests work long into their seventies, caring for the spiritual life and welfare of their people. They give without counting the cost and sometimes that can include a cost to their health. Even in retirement most priests will continue to serve the community, in particular by celebrating weekend Masses in parishes and assisting as chaplains in aged care facilities. The Priests’ Retirement Fund covers needs such as convalescent care, nursing home and hostel care, assistance in transitioning to retirement, health insurance, medical expenses and assistance with board and lodging.

Your Local Parish

Our parishes are there when you need them whether at a time of illness, personal tragedy or other circumstances. Your parish is also there to celebrate with you. Whether at a wedding, a baptism or a golden jubilee, the parish is there to support you. The task of outreach isn’t easy or cheap. We need followers of Christ to give of their time and talents (which includes money) to help our parishes live the mission of the Church, to help all to encounter Jesus and to live life transformed.

A bequest to your parish can help this to happen and change lives.

Scholarship for Seminarians

The journey of discernment for the ordained priesthood begins in the family home, where young people are formed in life and in faith. A young man considering this vocation will then be invited by the local church to continue his formation in a more formal way at a seminary. Formation offered by the Church, including at the seminary, includes Intellectual Formation, Pastoral Formation, Human Formation and Spiritual Formation. Our seminarians attend Good Shepherd Seminary in Sydney. To meet the expenses of education, accommodation and recreational activity, Catholics in the Diocese are invited to consider supporting our seminarians by providing a scholarship of $22,900 per annum.

For further information on this program please contact

What are the two collections?

The first collection supports our priests, their stipend, living and car costs.

The second collection supports the mission and administration of our parish, including staffing, programs, maintenance and utilities.

How can I make an offering?

Direct debit or internet banking, credit card and/or cash.

We would love for you to commit to a specific amount via direct debit each week. This helps us to plan and is the most cost effective way to give.

How much should I give?

Consider how much you earn and how much you give back to God each week.

Yearly Income 1.5% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 10%
$40,000 $12 $15 $23 $31 $38 $46 $54 $62 $77
$60,000 $17 $23 $35 $46 $58 $69 $81 $92 $115
$80,000 $23 $31 $46 $62 $77 $92 $108 $123 $154
$100,000 $29 $38 $58 $77 $96 $115 $135 $154 $192

Where can I find more information?

Visit for more information about the collections, how collection money is spent, and special collections.

When a priest celebrates Mass each day, he offers each celebration of the Eucharist for a particular person or intention. By doing so he applies special graces from God upon that person or intention. Anyone may ask a priest to offer a Mass for a worthy reason: for example, in thanksgiving, for the intentions of another person (such as on a birthday), or, as is most common, for the repose of the soul of someone who has died. This tradition dates back to the early Church.

When requesting a priest to offer Mass for a particular intention, it is customary to make an offering. In Australia the suggested offering is $10, which supports the material items used in the celebration of the Mass. The amount you offer for the Mass is entirely up to you. You can request a Mass for a particular intention by using the envelopes provided in church (place in the second collection basket).

A request for a Mass to be said is private, and is between you and the priest that offers the Mass. It will not automatically result in a name being published in The Parish Overview.

Parish of St Mary & St Joseph’s, Orange

Parish of the Sacred Heart and St Lawrence O’Toole, Molong

84 Hill Street, Orange
(02) 6362 2378