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Parish Pastoral Council

President: Mr Chris Devitt

Vice President: Mrs Annette Fergus


  • Mr Russell Croake
  • Mr Barry Petersen

Ex Officio Members:

  • Fr Owen Gibbons PP
  • Mrs Angela Myles
  • Mr Ross McKeown
  • Mr Alexander Abbey
  • Mrs Kristie Newman

Parish Finance Committee

Chairperson: Mr Mike Fergus


  • Mr Martin Milton
  • Mrs Jeanette Tioseco
  • Mrs Tanya-Lee Rusten
  • Mrs Patti Kiddle

Liturgy Committee


  • Mrs Rue Petersen
  • Ms Marianne Matthews
  • Mrs Rose Gawthorne

Craft Group

Contact: Mrs Elizabeth Burns

Craft Group held in Parish Centre every Wednesday at 9.30am

Word and Faith Group

Every Sunday at 6pm in the Parish Centre