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I started helping Vicki Mair teach Year 5 and 6 at Perthville Public School in April 2023. It is a wonderful school, and the staff and teachers have been very helpful and supportive.

Probably the highlight for me during this time has been the enthusiasm shown by the students to learn more about their faith, their willingness to help and participate during the lessons, and their ability to retain the knowledge they have learnt, even when it’s been quite a while since we’d spoken about the subject. The students seem hungry for knowledge, and especially love doing songs or plays connected to what Vicki and I are teaching, and are always enthusiastic to help.

The kindness they have shown to me and their fellow students, and the joy they have shown during class, has really inspired me, and in some ways helped renew my faith as well. I think I have got even more from my time helping Vicki at Perthville than the students themselves. It has been a real pleasure, I have learnt a lot myself already, and I’ve also enjoyed meeting the other SRE teachers, as well as the staff and teachers at Perthville Public School. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given.
Terry, SRE Catechist, Cathedral Parish.

Special Religious Education Catechists are important as they spread the joy of the Gospel to children who otherwise may not get a chance to hear it.

As we begin a new school year, we encourage you to consider becoming a SRE Catechist or invite others to join the Ministry.

If you’d like to be part of something important please fill in this form, email or phone 6334 6426

This weekend the Cathedral Parish, Bathurst and St Mary of the Presentation Parish, Mudgee celebrate SRE Catechist Sunday.

Terry, SRE Catechist, Cathedral Parish

Terry, SRE Catechist, Cathedral Parish

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