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On Sunday March 10th at 3.00pm in the Cathedral of St Michael and St John the Bathurst Council for Christian Education (BCCE) hosted the Annual Special Religious Education Celebration Service.

The liturgy was led by Bishop Michael McKenna. Fr Paul Devitt assisted. Supporters of SRE from local Churches in our Bathurst community came together to listen and pray with Bishop Michael for SRE (Scripture) teachers, students, their families and the schools where SRE is taught.

The Bishop’s message was both inspiring and encouraging. The music was magnificent and was provided by Dianne O’Sullivan, Fr Karl Sinclair and Paul Prendergast. Following the liturgy in the Cathedral folk walked over to the Parish Centre to listen to Sue Ortiger speak about SRE in the High Schools. Denise Basha spoke on her reflections of being a SRE teacher.

Vicki Mair introduced the SRE Coordinators from each Public School and thanked Elisabeth Fulton for her many years of dedicated service as a SRE teacher and Coordinator. Elisabeth is now the person responsible for ordering the SRE Resources for each year. Jon Blencowe, Treasurer of BCCE, spoke about ways to support the BCCE.

The day concluded with afternoon tea.

SRE taught in Bathurst Public Schools and High Schools is Non-Denominational and is a wonderful example of how people from the various Churches can come together to work for the common goal of teaching children about God’s great love for them.