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Over the last five years Fr Michel Remery and the DeoQuest team have been a partner in ministry for the Bathurst Diocese. In 2019, Fr Michel assisted in  formation for the 70 students that attended the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth. Fr Michel was key to the Diocesan pilgrimage with Luxembourg to Lisbon as well as multiple formation opportunities offered to our Parishes and CEDB over the years.

Through this fruitful partnership, a new opportunity for Mission will be piloted in the Bathurst Diocese in 2024. Two experienced members of the international DeoQuest team, Natalia from the Caribbean and Rosario from Central America, will spend 2024 on Mission in the Bathurst Diocese, with a special emphasis on Youth Ministry, Retreats, the Bible and encouraging renewal of our communities.

On 19th February, Natalia and Rosario arrived in Australia and have started to settle in, meeting people and learning about our wonderful Diocese. After long journeys and a fair dose of jet lag, they have hit the ground running with events and gatherings filling their calendars as they learn about the Church in Australia. Their first impressions have been very positive with Natalia and Rosario both commenting on how friendly Australians are, especially those from our Diocese! 

Rosario and Natalia will be based in the town of Bathurst and will be available to assist Schools and Parishes in their work of Evangelisation, across the Diocese. Their expertise is in communicating the Gospel in a contemporary way and is supported greatly by the resources available from the DeoQuest team as well as developing resources for our context. If you would like to learn more about their work and be part of the RISE DeoQuest team, simply fill in this form and someone will be in contact!

Please pray for our RISE DeoQuest team as they begin their work with us!

Fr Thao, Rosario, Natalia and members of the Cathedral Parish following Mass on Monday