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In June, women from all over Bathurst diocese are invited to come together for a day retreat led by the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia. The Sisters have run retreats for women in the Sydney area and beyond. In recent years, there have been increasingly more women heading in for these retreats from the Central West. With this in mind, Sr Cecilia Joseph, the Superior of the Sydney household, has offered to come to Bathurst to enable more women to access these opportunities to grow deeper in their Catholic faith.

Women from the age of 18 will be able to benefit from the Sisters’ personal love of Jesus, enhanced by their years of continued study, to better understand the gift of the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic faith. Often toted as “the source and summit” of the Catholic faith, many believers can often struggle or question this teaching, as well as find it a stumbling block in their relationship with their non-Catholic friends. This retreat aims to better explain the Eucharist, its worth and its meaning in our everyday lives so that it can become a foundation of faith for women seeking to know God more deeply. The warm and welcoming nature of the Sisters sets an accessible mood, where everyone is able to feel comfortable and supported. Between talks given by the Sisters and small groups to share your thoughts with other like-minded women, there is ample time to meet new people or have some quiet time alone to reflect. The day is punctuated with morning tea and lunch, which is catered, offering time for fellowship and discussing the themes and topics of the day.

The talks lead to a high point of Eucharistic Adoration and Confession held in the beautifully renovated Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint John. This time combines both silent prayer as well as the Sisters accompanying those present with guided reflections and inspiring music.

If you have felt flat in your faith, or are just curious about how the Catholic Church’s teaching on the Eucharist can lead you closer to God, this is a retreat to reinvigorate your faith and quench your curiosity.

(Cost: $20. Financial assistance is available.)