Week 3 - Barry's Story - Australia

We Are One People 

Father of four, Barry, embodies resilience and strength. Growing up in a tough environment, he had to look inside himself to make the right choices for himself and his family.

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Barry, a Gamilaroi man originally from western NSW, remembers his early years as a time of enormous hardship. He didn’t have a stable home or support network and was mostly brought up by his grandparents. 

He became a father in his late teens and was suddenly faced with responsibilities for which he wasn’t ready. He started drinking heavily, behaviour that he’d witnessed previously.

Barry, and others like him, were able to take part in Red Dust Healing – a cultural healing program, which encourages participants to examine their own personal hurt and allows them to heal from within. The program addresses family and personal relationships, and what may have been lifelong patterns of violence, abuse and neglect.

Red Dust Healing Founder, Tom Powell, is humbled that the program has won numerous awards and helped over 16,000 people like Barry across Australia.

Today, thanks to the Red Dust Healing program, Barry is an inspirational father to his four girls and a respected leader in his community.  He now facilitates Red Dust Healing workshops and helps others through their healing process. A brighter future for men, women and their families can start today.  Let’s Go Further, Together.

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