Bishop’s Special Missionary Appeal

Last year, our Diocese committed the proceeds of the Bishop’s annual Special Missionary Appeal for 2012 and 2013 to the building of a new church in Cairui (the Parish of Laleia - Diocese of Baucau - Timor Leste).

Our donation will assist the construction of a new church there, with a seating capacity of 140-160 people.

$A150,000 is required for the project. It is hoped this will be made up of donations from the Bathurst Diocese of $A86,000, with the remaining amount to be raised locally in Timor Leste. The money from Bathurst will be used for the main building structure, earthworks, foundations etc., carpentry, landscape and fencing work, plumbing, electrics and liturgical equipment.

The proceeds of the collection in 2012, $A42,843.35, was sent to the Parish early last year, with the assistance of Catholic Mission. So, we are on target to provide our brothers and sisters less fortunate than us in Timor Leste with the promised amount towards their new church. Please give generously to this collection so we can fulfil our promise.

You can send your donation direct to: Diocesan Secretary, Catholic Chancery Office, PO Box 246, Bathurst, NSW, 2795.