Unite Together, Share With Each Other, Grow Together

Recently the CEO commissioned a painting from Tirikee (Aleshia Lonsdale). Aleshia is a Wiradjuri woman from Central West New South Wales. The commission was to paint a reflection/representation of the Diocese, capturing the essence of who we are as a Catholic education community. The name of the painting is Unite Together, Share With Each Other, Grow Together or Ngumba-dal-ngila-nha Mawang, Bangamalanha, Yuranha Mawang.

On 8th April a ceremony was held to unveil the painting at the Catholic Education Office in Bathurst with children from local schools in attendance. The Ceremony was opened with a Welcome to Country by Aunty Gloria (Wiradjuri Elder) and concluded with a blessing by Bishop Michael McKenna.

Tirikee has given an explanation of the painting:

"The centre motif represents the connection between communities and people in the diocese. The small outside concentric circles represent each of the school communities. Travelling lines come in to make up the outside circle - the Diocese.

The second circle represents the school community, the third circle represents family and the inner circle represents the children who are at the centre. The wavy lines in between each circle represent the transfer and sharing of knowledge between all groups. There is a strength in the connection of people through learning and sharing together.

The lines and space between the fingers of the hands represent the hills and valleys. The yellow represents the plains and the red represents the rivers.

The twelve white dots represent the twelve moons of the year.

This painting represents the connections between people and communities in the diocese."

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