St Patrick's, Lithgow

The Feast of Saint Mary MacKillop

St. Patrick’s Primary School in Lithgow celebrated Saint Mary MacKillop’s feast day with a week of activities. Students spent the week learning about, and remembering, the great work of St. Mary MacKillop, especially for children. The School has a great devotion and love of St. Mary MacKillop and spent the week creating art work that reflects her life, with much thought going into the pieces. This year, the standard of work was very high as were the children’s reflections on the life of St. Mary MacKillop.  Some of these reflections included:

Mary MacKillop showed us how to be loving, caring and sharing - Kelsie 4M

When I hear Mary MacKillop’s name it touches my heart because she was a lovely, kind, nice and peaceful person. She lights up people’s days - Abbey 5D

Mary MacKillop did lot’s of things for us and she spent lots of time with children and poor people. She opened this school which makes me feel like she is a part of everybody and our school - Selina 5D

Mary MacKillop showed us how to be loving, caring and sharing - Kelsie 4M

Mary MacKillop loves and cares like Jesus - Erica 4M

Mary MacKillop was a kind, caring and helpful person who cared about people’s needs. She was also an intelligent girl and she provided for the family – Keira 5S

Mary MacKillop was always thoughtful. She thought of others and put others before herself. When I see a picture of Mary MacKillop it makes me want to be thoughtful and never give up trying – Cloe 5D

Mary MacKillop was kind to all, she even helped the poor by giving them her food. Everyone loved her. She was special – Ross 3T

Mary MacKillop was loving, caring and would always offer to help others. She was a nice person and would put other people’s needs before her own. To me, Mary MacKillop was nice and if I need to pray, I know that she will be there to pray to - Ashley 5S

Mary MacKillop is a leader of Australia. She shows us how to live a happy life and be loving and kind to other people - Nathan 3T

She made a school for children and gave love from her heart - Nina 3E

Mary MacKillop is a Saint of Australia. Mary MacKillop has a motto, “never see a need without doing something about it.” Mary MacKillop is a kind, loving person to me and she helped poor children – Alysha 3E

A good soul and a great person.  She showed us a way to live. She was a follower of Jesus and a servant of God our Lord - Ollyvar 3E.

Mary MacKillop is like a missile of love, kindness, courage and knowledge, beaming a light onto the world - Mitchell 4M.

She teaches me to love and be nice to everybody. She teaches me to help people in need and to be careful - McLeod 3T

She started the Sisters of St Joseph and was a teacher throughout her life – 3T

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