Inaugural Liturgy Awards Announced

The Liturgy Commission of the Diocese of Bathurst is pleased to announce the recipients of its two inaugural Awards.

Mrs Dawn Smith of St. Raphael’s Parish Cowra, Father John Beaven, Sister Mary Trainor rsm, Father Pat O’Regan and Sister Christina Morrissey rsj have been awarded the Margaret Press rsj Liturgy Award.

This award is presented to members of our Diocesan family who, through involvement in the liturgical life of the Diocese, have contributed to the promotion of the liturgy, and its understanding by the faithful, throughout the Diocese and the wider Church.

The Bishop’s Award for Liturgy is presented for the same contribution to the liturgy, at a parish level.

The inaugural recipients of that award are Mrs Moria Hannelly (St. Patrick’s Parish, Wellington), Mrs Anne Patteson and Mrs Marie Burrell (St. Mary and St. Joseph’s Parish, Orange) and Mrs Marie McGrath and Mr Paul Prendergast (Cathedral Parish).

Bishop McKenna will preside at Mass in the Cathedral at 6pm on 6th December 2014, and will give a blessing to the honourees. After Mass, he will host a reception for the award recipients and their guests at Matthew Quinn House, where he will present the Awards.

More information about the recipients:

2014 Margaret Press rsj Liturgy Awards

Sister Mary Trainor

Sister Mary is a Sister of Mercy. A fine musician and music teacher, she has trained generations of liturgical musicians throughout the Diocese of Bathurst. A significant contribution to the liturgical life of the Diocese was her compilation, in 1982, of a Diocesan Hymnal - Making Music to the Lord. This hymnal brought together elements of a more traditional hymnody from before the Council, many much-loved hymns from the Living Parish Hymnal, some of the best of the contemporary folk hymn idiom, as well as patronal saints’ hymns from around the Diocese and the repertoire of various religious orders active within the Diocese - all tempered with the influence of charismatic renewal.  This hymnal is still in use in many parishes. Mary now lives in retirement in Orange and is still very active in the liturgical musical field.


Father John Beaven

John Beaven was one of the young priests of the Diocese of Bathurst who captured the spirit of Vatican II and especially that of the renewed Liturgy. In touch with the latest liturgical developments here and overseas, he was most influential in introducing the new liturgy into many parishes of the Diocese, and was among the first in the Diocese of Bathurst to establish Parish Liturgy Committees. Now retired in Dubbo, his legacy still lives on today in many parishes.


Mrs Dawn Smith

Dawn was Religious Education Co-ordinator at St. Raphael’s School in Cowra for many years and in that position she also fulfilled the role of Sacramental Co-ordinator for the St. Raphael’s Parish. It was in this role that Dawn had extensive involvement preparing liturgy for both school and parish life. For at least 50 years, Dawn has been involved in the parish music ministry and was a foundation member of the parish choir in 1965. Dawn has been, and continues to be, involved in the preparation and celebration of the liturgy and was an integral member of the organising group that prepared the 2014 Cowra Liturgy Weekend.


Sister Christina Morrissey rsj

Sr Christina is a Sister of St. Joseph. She served on the Diocese of Bathurst’s Liturgy Commission from its inception in 1995 to 2013, 11 years as the Commission’s Secretary.  Sister Christina completed a Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy at the National Centre for Liturgy, Maynooth, Ireland in 1995. She continues to be involved in the preparation of the liturgy at Perthville and with the MacKillop College boarders at St. Joseph’s House.


Father Pat O’Regan

Fr Pat studied sacramental theology and liturgy at the Institut Catholique in Paris, graduating in 2002 with a Licence in Sacred Theology (STL). His interests are in pastoral liturgy and the theology of the Eucharist and he has presented at numerous seminars and workshops on various aspects of the liturgy. Fr Pat is currently a member of the National Liturgical Council, a body instituted by the Australia Catholic Bishops.


Bishop’s Award for Liturgy Awardees 2014

Mrs Marie McGrath

Marie has been a member of the Cathedral Choir for 27 years and musical director since 1996. Marie has lead the Cathedral Choir at many Diocesan liturgies including ordinations, funerals as well as Holy Week and Easter liturgies.  Marie was also co-director of a combined diocesan choir for the ordination and installation of Bishop McKenna in 2009. Marie and the Cathedral choir are an integral part of the music ministry in the Cathedral Parish and they are regulars at diocesan music workshops and liturgical seminars.


Mr Paul Prendergast

Paul has been a member of the Cathedral Choir for nearly 25 years and has fulfilled the role of Cantor on numerous occasions. Paul’s strong distinctive tenor voice is synonymous with past diocesan liturgies including ordinations, funerals and Holy Week and Easter liturgies. Whether singing from the Cathedral gallery or the Ambo, Paul often leads very large congregations in the singing of the Psalm and all other types of liturgical song and he is a member of the Cathedral Parish Men’s Choir.


Mrs Marie Burrell

Marie is a parishioner of St. Mary and St. Joseph’s in Orange. A long serving member of the Parish Liturgy Committee, she is involved with organising the liturgical ministers for major feasts. Marie also trains the altar servers and is the sacristan at St. Mary's church. Marie is in the choir at St. Mary's and prepares the music for Sundays, organises the decor for St Mary's and prepares the church for funerals and weddings.


Mrs Anne Patteson

Anne is a parishioner of St. Mary and St Joseph’s in Orange and has been a member of the music ministry at St. Mary's church since 1997. Anne’s involvement in the music ministry includes being a member of St. Mary’s choir, selecting and planning the music and preparing the digital projection for Sunday Mass. Anne is also a member of the Parish Liturgy Committee.


Mrs Moira Hannelly

Moira is a member of the community of Stuart Town, within the Wellington Parish. Moira is a leader of Sunday Worship in the Absence of a Priest at St. John the Baptist church in Stuart Town and co-ordinates the music and other liturgical ministries. She is also a sacristan and has been a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.



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