2017 Diocesan Pastoral Council Assembly

Our 2017 Diocesan Assembly was held on the weekend of 28th and 29th October 2017 in Bathurst.

The Assembly was attended by the Bishop, appointed Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) members, deacons, seminarians and Chairs of our various Diocesan councils. Our priests participated as their pastoral commitments permitted. 

The Assembly is the annual gathering of the whole of the Council. It was a time to meld their experience and wisdom and explore what might be possible for our Diocese into the future. This was in the form of new initiatives; and included ways we can improve on things we are already doing.

The gathering was facilitated by Daniel Ang, Director of Evangelisation for the Diocese of Broken Bay. Daniel was with us for the 2016 Assembly and generously offered to continue on our journey with us this year, working with participants on ‘our task as missionary disciples’.

Delegates listened to reports on what’s happening in the Diocese in various areas, including Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia, Ministry Formation Programme, Diocesan Youth Plan and the upcoming Synod. There was also be a session for the Convenors, to assist them in their roles and in making the groups more efficient and dynamic.

Through their work during the year, each of the workgroups presented one specific and practical proposal on which it would like to focus in the coming year.  Other ideas were shared and will continue to be considered and developed over time, however the energy of the groups will be devoted to the progression of the particular proposal presented.

During the Assembly, the delegates attended the Parish Mass in the Cathedral at 10.00am on Sunday 29th October and were presented by an icon of "Our Lady of the Central West" as a token of thanks for the ongoing efforts of the DPC members.

Bishop McKenna said he was very happy with the outcomes of the Assembly and looks forward to working with all the groups over the coming months to deliver many of the initiatives discussed over the two days.

Prayer for the Diocesan Pastoral Council Annual Assembly 2017

We praise you, God our Father, source of all life.

Guide and protect us as we answer the call 
to rebuild your Church.

Help us to remember that unless it is you who do
 the building, we labour in vain.

Holy Spirit, renew our wisdom and courage
as we undertake this work.

Let Christ reign in us, that we may become a people
who show the world that he is alive in the community
that bears his name.

Our Lady of the Central West, pray for us.

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