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Look out for the fun and exciting events RISE has planned, as we move into this new and exciting phase of youth ministry, including the RISE Youth Festival and our presence at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival.

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Date Claimers for 2019 and beyond! 


RISE Youth Festival  11 - 12 July 

Find out more HERE or contact Deacon Josh:
Ph: 6334 6400 Email: (remove XX) youth XX @bathurst XX .catholic.org.au

iRise - 25 October

Australian Catholic Youth Festival


Past Events 

World Youth Day 2019 - Panama, January 2019

Find out about the WYD Pilgrimage led by the Diocese of Bathurst 


Australian Catholic Youth Festival

7th - 9th December
Check out the ACYF website to keep up with details HERE  

 World Youth Day 2016


Pilgrimage Journal
See what our pilgrims got up to in Krakow HERE

Pilgrim Profiles
Meet the pilgrims from our Diocese as they were preparing to go on the Journey of Mercy to WYD 2016 HERE

Pilgrims prepare for WYD 2016
Read about how they Pilgrims were preparing for WYD 2016 HERE

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