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BIG at heart!

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School might be small, but when it comes to thinking of others and raising some money to assist the needy, they are big at heart.

On 2nd March, 30 children bought in a handful of silver coins in to make a coin trail. Each house group banded together joining many pieces of silver to see who could make the longest trail. The 'Green Emus' won by a mile with a whopping 19 metres. It was a great competition joining all those little 5s, 10s, 20s and 50c pieces in a long line. The three houses combined together to make $224.00, which was donated to Project Compassion.

On Wednesday 21st March, the students also contributed to another worthy cause - World Down Syndrome Day. The SRC raised $59 to donate to this cause by asking everyone to wear odd socks! The aim was to raise awareness of those families who are affected by Down Syndrome. The donation has been sent to the Down Syndrome Association of NSW.

Well done to the students and what a great idea to put your loose change to good use!

Sarah de Lange



St Joseph's Primary School celebrates the New Year

The school year started at St Joseph's, Eugowra with an Opening School Mass on 11th February, during which School and Sports Captains and the Student Representative Council were inducted. We also welcomed the four new kindergarten children and their families to our school community.

Fr Laurie Beath celebrated Mass with parishioners, staff and families joining together for a sausage sizzle in the warm summer evening after Mass, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere catching up with each other.

With 30 students this year, it promises to be another busy year at our little school. 

Catherine Eppelstun


Catholic Schools Week - Open Community Day

On Monday 6th March, staff and students welcomed young families and community members to our school for an inspection of classrooms and facilities and to join us in some fun activities and our Teddy Bears' Picnic.

School in 2017 is very different to what many parents remember of their education, so it was an opportunity during Catholic Schools Week to open up our school and show how much fun the learning opportunities that children have these days can be. 

Principal, Cathy Eppelstun, gave the adults a tour of the school, church, hall and playground, answering many questions about modern teaching, whilst the little ones joined the older children in the infants room for story time, singing and playing in 'big school'.

Activities and games continued outside under the COLA and on the lush green playground with gross motor activities, whilst the adults enjoyed morning tea.

At lunch time, all the children sat down together to eat their picnic lunch with their teddy bears.

Catholic Schools Week in Eugowra continued with a visit from the Life Education Van, swimming for sport, an activities afternoon and a circus workshop. The week showcased all that our school has to offer; great learning and a great community.

Sarah de Lange 


A Wild Time at the Zoo

At the end of Term 1, the entire school, staff and some parents from St Joseph’s Primary School, Eugowra went for a sleep over at the Taronga Zoo, Dubbo. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, everyone had the chance to adventure together and have a wonderful positive learning experience about the greater world around us.

The trip to Dubbo included a visit to St Laurence's Primary School where our staff and children were able to experience the fun and opportunities of a 'large' school.

"There are 16 girls in Y5!" said Olivia Holland, the only girl in Y 5 with three boys.

The staff enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with fellow colleagues and compare notes and strategies about Profession Learning Teams.

After a short stop at the amazing and whimsical world of the Aladdin's Cave Bottle Shop, it was out to the zoo to set up camp for the night.

A delicious BBQ dinner was followed by the children headed to the Education Centre to meet some slimy, scaly creatures in the reptile house and then explore outside in the dark meeting some of the Australian nocturnal animals.

Whilst most of the children slept, the Siamang monkeys 'entertained' the adults all night so they were glad to rise at 5.30am, ready for the morning walk! Everyone met the Siamang monkeys in daylight, who were actually quite funny, and then the gibbons, before going on to see the tigers and rhinos.

After a nourishing breakfast, it was time for all to spend the rest of the day exploring the zoo on two and four wheels. 

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful couple of days which was educational, entertaining and a great life experience.

Sarah de Lange

Opening School Mass

On Sunday 14th February, St Joseph's staff and students gathered for their opening school Mass, to induct their leaders and welcome new students to our school.

Father Laurie Beath celebrated a lovely mass asking the families to reflect on their reasons for choosing a Catholic Education for their children.

School Captains; Baylie Tulloch and Charlie Philipzen, Sports Captain, Ty Jones and the Student Representative Council were given their badges. The new Kindergarten students were given a school badge and a native tree to plant. This tree represents their growth and development during their school years. Students, staff, parents and friends pledged their dedication to the year.

At the conclusion of Mass the congregation formed a circle, holding hands and sang; The Circle Song. A lovely way for people to connect and remember the reasons why we gather as a community to celebrate Mass.

Sarah de Lange


Eugowra students have experienced a couple of educational excursions this term. The Primary students had an over night trip to Canberra which they wrote about when they got home.


“The Australian Parliament House has 4500 rooms and 2700 clocks. A lot of the design is based on Britain's Parliament House with an Australian touch. The flag is about the same size as a double decker bus. Carmina Grey Granite from Eugowra is the most visible of all the building stones used in the house as it encloses the entire lengths of the two giant Curved Walls.

The colour of the Lower House represents the leaves on an Australian Gum Tree. This is where Politicians debate.

The colour of the Senate represents the blossoms on the Australian Gum Trees and is the only room in Australia that has a red exit sign.”

The children also went to the National Library, National Museum and Art Gallery on Day 1. In the evening their activity was indoor Rock Climbing during which many of them overcame their fear of heights and had lots of fun.

Day 2 was a trip to Questacon where the children could experience the thrill of a free fall and practical science lessons. The War Memorial was next where the reality of wars past and present bought home the devastation and issues that our soldiers have to face. “The eternal flame represents all the people who have fought in wars. Red Poppies grew in the fields after World War 1 and are used to remember all those who have died in wars.”

 Lastly the children had a good look at the Australian Institute of Sport before heading home.


“The AIS was built in the early 1980’s. It was built to improve Australian sport due to the poor performance in the 1976 Olympics. Ever since we have done a lot better. We saw the new swimming pool where the Olympians train. There is an underground tunnel where the coaches can watch the swimmers and their styles.

Did you know that the most weight ever lifted in the AIS is about 700kg by Patrick Johnson in a leg lift?

Did you know that Volleyballers can serve up to 130km/hr and are taller than Basket ballers?”

Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum Bathurst  

On Friday 25th October, the little ones travelled to Bathurst for the day to visit the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. They had a wonderful tour of the museum which is based on a private collection. Of course the best bits were the T Rex skeleton seen here with the children. After inspecting lots of fantastic fossils, crystals and skeletons the children headed over the Adventure Playground which has a Dinosaur theme to climb, run, jump and slide on all the equipment.

Sarah de Lange

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