Week 6 - Dominic's story, Papua New Guinea

Dominic, 47 is a father of six from Papua New Guinea. In 2016, he became involved with Caritas Australia’s partner, Centre of Hope, who runs safe house and family anonymous programs and turned a difficult life and an unhappy relationship around. 

Now a community trainer, he works with other men to help them to change their behaviour and build more harmonious family lives.

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Domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and limited employment opportunities mean that many in PNG struggle to meet their basic family needs. Forty percent of its population live below the poverty line.

In 2016, Caritas Australia and its PNG partner, Centre of Hope, invited Dominic to join its Safe House program. It provides Gender-Based-Violence prevention training, counselling services and safe accommodation for women and children survivors of violence. It also provides support for income-generating projects and life skills for young people.

“After entering the Caritas program, I have actually changed some of my bad attitudes. It has really opened my mind and heart to see where my weaknesses are and I’m trying to improve,” Dominic says.

Please help support the Safe House project and help bring greater harmony to families in Papua New Guinea. A brighter future for men, women and their families can start today. Let’s Go Further, Together.

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