Bishop McKenna's Advent Message 2019

Let’s not neglect the special graces that Advent offers.

In the midst of the distractions of a commercialised Christmas season; and the round of activities that marks the end of the year in Australia: let’s not neglect the graces of this special time.

The Son of God came into our world unnoticed by it. He will come again, in glory, with our Resurrection and new life in the Kingdom of God. He is with us now, often hidden to our eyes, in the Church which is his body and in the faces of the poor.

I pray that we would all find some moments in Advent to be quiet with God and his Word. In that way, we might become ready to appreciate the wonderful gift who is Jesus: and celebrate Christmas with deep joy.

He will come down like rain on the grass, like showers moistening the land (Psalm 72:6)

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst