Bishop's Letter to God's People of the Diocese of Bathurst

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for your prayers for the Synod now meeting in Rome. This process of understanding more deeply and communicating more clearly “the Gospel of the Family” will be a lengthy one. As you know, the meeting this October is preparing the way for another, larger gathering in twelve months’ time. This will be a period of continuing study and discussion in the Church, always interwoven with prayer seeking truth in love.

The Synod has attracted great media attention. There are benefits in this, as well as risks of amplifying misunderstandings. It means that we need to recommit to the call of Pope Francis to conduct our debates in a truly Christian way. He has asked that everyone express honestly what is on their minds and in their hearts; and that we listen to one another in a spirit of humility. First thoughts are not always the best thoughts. Our ideas can be improved through dialogue, if we are willing to accept that those who disagree with us may have something worthwhile to say, too.

After all voices have been heard, we look, as we have from the earliest days of the Church, to the Successor of Peter to teach authentically and govern wisely. May God illuminate and strengthen him in his ministry.

With every good wish.

Sincerely yours in Christ.

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst