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Did you know that we have a student at our school who has had a book written about him? That’s pretty special, right? At St Joseph’s CPS, we think so……

St Joseph’s CPS is grateful to Jackson Randell and his family for presenting to the school a published book about how every person is special and unique. The book is titled “My Friend Jackson” and was written by Melinda and Sharon Wasson. Sharon is Jackson’s grandmother who has worked in early childhood education for over thirty years and is now a kindergarten teacher. Together with her daughter Melinda, this Grandmother and Aunty team combined their talents of writing and illustrating to create this extraordinary book about their beloved Jackson. It highlights the fact that we are all physically different, but in our uniqueness, we are still capable in so many ways. The inside cover invites us to read the book, stating:  “My friend Jackson was born super special!!!”

It is a wonderful resource demonstrating tolerance, acceptance and respect. It reinforces what we believe at St Joseph’s CPS, we are all respected, valued and quite simply… SUPER SPECIAL !!!

“My Friend Jackson” will be available to borrow from the St Joseph’s CPS Library. Details to purchase Jackson’s book will be available soon.