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What an activity! The aim of our most recent Project Compassion activity was to raise awareness of the hardships of others who have to walk to collect water each day. After experiencing 10 to 20 minutes of carrying 2L, 3L or 5L bottles of water, and some students testing their strength by lifting 15 or 20L containers, SJP students began to truly understand the impacts on those people around the world who have to walk to rivers and streams to collect water. This activity certainly assisted teachers when explaining the true meanings of compassion and empathy.

Here are a few comments that were made by students, after we  ‘Walked for Water’:

‘It was really hard because the milk bottles full of water were so heavy.”

Josie, KB

“When I was carrying the water, it felt light to start with, but if I had to carry it longer it would have got too heavy.”

Sasha, 1G

 “It was tiring and hard, it made my hands hurt.”

Elouise, 2G

“I feel bad for the kids who have to collect the water and sometimes they have to make 2 trips!”

Flynn, 3B

Walking for water helped me realise how hard it is for people to carry 5kms or more every day. I give huge respect to them!”

Owen, 4G

I feel really shocked but also really lucky and fortunate. It’s absolutely crazy that they have to walk to collect water and I feel bad for the kids my age that have to go on a big journey, sometimes without shoes, just to collect water!”

Taylah, 5G

“Now that I’ve done the Walk for Water, I’ve realised that kids aren’t as lucky and fortunate as us and we should be grateful. Project Compassion gives opportunities to kids around the world to be as lucky as us.”

Holly, 5/6R

After running the ‘Walk for Water Day’, many students were motivated to donate more to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, with our goal to reach over $2000 in donations.

Project Compassion, Walk for Water Day at SJP, Dubbo