Restoration project detail

The Cathedral restoration project now underway is the result of much planning and careful consideration over many years, by the Diocese of Bathurst.

The enormity of effort and funds (est. $6.5million) required to restore this building is a significant responsibility and the need for careful planning is key to what is anticipated to be a four year project. 




  • For the latest information relating to the Cathedral Restoration Project and Appeal, please view the most recent Cathedral Restoration update HERE>  

A series of videos have been created to help tell the story of the Cathedral of St Michael & St John.

A History of the Cathedral and an overview of the Cathedral Restoration Project

Take a tour of the Cathedral with master stone mason, Ron Lodewijks:                                           

Restoring the ornate features     

Restoring the weathered stonework       

Repointing the brickwork

Repairing the bells 

Appreciating the workmanship

The missing spire   

 RESTORE     ♦      REBUILD     ♦      RENEW          




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