Funding Cuts to Catholic Schools - Media Release

6th September 2012

Proposed cuts to Catholic school funding in NSW

Bishop Michael McKenna of Bathurst has urged the O’Farrell Government to think again about its plans to make sudden, drastic cuts to Catholic schools funding in NSW.

The NSW Catholic Education Commission has reported that the Government is planning to slash $24.5 million per year from the Catholic system. These cuts would come into effect this January.

If implemented, this could force fees up by hundreds of dollars per year for every student.

Bishop McKenna said that “this would impose immediate and unfair burdens on families. It would inevitably lead many to move their children to public schools. Such a drop in enrolments would have a devastating effect on the viability of our system and of individual schools. It would also put severe pressure on the public system, where the cost to the State Government per student is much greater.

It is extraordinary that this decision has come without any warning and could take effect so suddenly. School staffing levels and budgets need to be planned well ahead.

I urge the Premier to pause and give some time to think through the consequences of this proposal.”