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Pastoral Letters and Messages



Bishop’s Christmas Message

Bishop’s Advent Message

Message from Bishop McKenna regarding floods

Message on Feast of Christ the King, World Youth Day RISE 2022

Clergy Appointments Announcement

Fr Kane – Announcement

October – the month of the Rosary

Statement on the Death of the Queen 2022

Statement on Euthanasia 2022

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2022

Bishop McKenna’s Lenten Message 2022


Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2021

Good Shepherd Sunday 2021

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2021


Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2020

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2020

“The Mass Continues” A Letter from Bishop McKenna 23 March 2020

All public Masses in the Diocese cancelled from 21 March 2020

Bishop McKenna’s Lenten Message 2020

Bishop McKenna’s Homily (edited) for the Ordination of Fr Dong Van Nguyen and Fr Karl Sinclair 2020


Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2019

A message from Bishop McKenna on Child Protection Sunday 2019

COMMUNION AND FORMATION ~ Bishop Michael McKenna reflects on his Ad Limina visit 2019

A message from Bishop McKenna for National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday 2019

A message from Bishop McKenna on Good Shepherd Sunday 2019

EASTER 2019 – A message from Bishop McKenna


Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2018

A message from Bishop McKenna in relation to the National Apology 2018

A message from Bishop McKenna on NATSI Sunday 2018

A message from Bishop McKenna – The Fifth Australian Plenary Council 2018

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2018

Bishop McKenna’s Lenten Message 2018



Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2017

Bishop McKenna’s Advent Message 2017

Christian Marriage 2017

Child Protection Sunday 2017

Invitation to Survivors 2017

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2017



Bishop McKenna’s 2016 Christmas Message

Bishop McKenna’s Advent Message 2016

Bishop McKenna’s Child Protection Sunday 2016 Message

Bishop McKenna’s Easter Message 2016

Bishop’s Lenten Message 2016



Bishop McKenna’s Christmas Message 2015

Bishop McKenna’s Advent Message 2015

Deacons for the Diocese of Bathurst 2015

Bishop’s Easter Message for 2015

Bishop’s Lenten Message for 2015


Bishop’s Christmas Message 2014

Bishop McKenna’s Advent Message 2014

Good Shepherd Sunday – May 2014

Josephite Fusion – May 2014 – Homily

Bishop’s Easter Message for 2014

Bishop’s Lenten Message for 2014


Bishop McKenna’s Lenten Message – 2013


Bishop’s Christmas Message – 2012

Message for Child Protection Week 2012

Message for National Vocations Awareness Week 2012

Bishop McKenna’s Message for the Year of Grace – 2012


Bishop’s Christmas Message – 2011

Bishop’s Lenten Message – 2011